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UPVC Door Locks

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If you have a broken UPVC Door that is failing to lock or close properly, it is best to have a throughout troubleshoot to find the cause of the problem before rushing out to buy an entirely new door. There are a few common UPVC door lock issues that can be repaired to bring doors back to working order. Here are a couple of the most common issues that can be repaired by our specialist locksmiths.UPVC Door Locks

Lock and Cylinder Failure 

UPVC doors often feature a multi-point cylinder lock. The cylinder can fail completely. If this is the case you may not be able to fit your key all the way in, or if it does go all the way in, it may not turn effectively. This section of the lock can be taken out and replaced once the door is opened. The most common reason for the cylinder failure is general wear and tear. Over time the components within the lock can be slightly degraded and moved to the point that they become misaligned. Having the cylinder in the lock changed for a brand new and higher quality version can mean a smoother and longer working life for the lock in future. 

Door Alignment

One of the most common repairs needed on a UPVC door is door adjustment. The door itself or its frame can become misaligned over time. The hinges that hold the frame and door in place can become worn down which in turn allows the frame to move or bend slightly. For UPVC door locks to function properly the frame needs to be completely level. Even if it is only slightly off, the door can be hugely disrupted or completely disabled. If you have Flag hinges, your doors may be adjustable enough at these points to solve the issue. If however you have butt-hinges, your adjustment options will be limited and will likely need professional serving to resolve the alignment problem. 

Expert UPVC Door Lock services 

With a trained lock specialist comes the peace of mind in knowing that your door lock repair and installation is being executed as proficiently as possible. Call Locksmith Barnes for expert troubleshooting and pristine alignment and correction services. We can expertly replace all cylinder and lock parts to fully repair your UPVC door lock. 

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