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Listed below are excellent, informative tips and tricks regarding locksmith issues. Learn and apply them or share them with friends and family members. Browse the list on this page and widen your knowledge in this area.

  • Bolster your home security with UPVC door locks

    British Standard locks don’t always offer a home the necessary protection it needs. If security in your neighbourhood is an issue, or you want to take your family’s protection seriously, then consider having a superior UPVC system installed. They make use of several mechanisms in one lock to offer greater integrity and security to your door.

  • Keep a second transponder key

    It's wise to have a second transponder key with you. Don't leave it in the car because it will be of no use if you are locked out. It's best to keep it hidden in your briefcase or bag. It will save you during car lockouts.

  • Invest in good French door locks

    French doors provide greater security with five locking points according to our specialists. Besides the main deadlocks, you can also have one more bolt at the upper and one at the lower part of the door! The stationary door can have one top and one bottom latch.

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