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For an honest look at the opinions of previous clients, check out our testimonials page. We’ve compiled the reactions, comments, and suggestions that they have submitted with regard to the quality of service displayed by some of our locksmiths.

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Master Key System for Apartments

Finally, our apartments are complete and are now available for rent. We’ve invested on this additional income with high hopes that it would be profitable, and several people have been inquiring even before the work was finished. I got the help of this locksmith company in London for the installation of the locks. They also created a master key that would work on all the apartments. I already tried it and it works perfectly. The work was fast, but they made sure that the quality of the job was still excellent. Every dollar that I paid for the service was all worth it.

High Security Locks against Burglary

Due to the recent burglary that happened near our area, we decided to upgrade the locks in our house to prevent the same thing from happening to us. The locks are old anyway and may not be as sturdy so intruders could easily get in. I talked to the very kind staff of this locksmith company in London over the phone and explained that I wanted high security locks installed at my home. They set a schedule that was convenient for us, which I greatly appreciated. The locksmith removed the old locks and replaced them with new ones that are of high security. I’m happy with the overall service provided.

Honest Professionals!

I have been having some issues with this UPVC door lock in the last couple of weeks. It kept opening up and wouldn’t lock as before. I tried to see if applying some maintenance tips would get the issue solved but the problem persists. I found the contact details of this door locksmith online and gave them a call immediately. The company sent in a serviceman and when the guy examined the lock, he discovered that the master key systems needed some repairs. The technician fixed the repairs swiftly and in a professional manner. I considered these guys to be honest and skilful professionals. Highly recommended!

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