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Learn important fact about locks and keys and use them to make the right decisions regarding the security of your property. The questions and answers on this page provide valuable insight into some of the major topics in the locksmith industry. Make the most out of them!

We can assure you that once your current lock and key related questions are answered, new ones will be born. This is how it goes since security systems and new locks never stop coming out. Here you have the opportunity to read answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Should I get a UPVC lock installed?

    If your standard locks are not giving you the security you need, then you should look at getting something a little more complex and sturdy. Having new UPVC door locks installed will surely give you the security you are looking for. These devices combine multiple mechanisms along the length of your door to make them sturdy and stalwart, and are one of the best security options you can get.

  • Should I get the same locks?

    One reason for having the existing locks replaced is to move on to locks of the latest technology even if you don't choose digital locks. Lock technology changes fast and since you're going to invest in new locks, it's best to invest in the best solution.

  • Is there a way to avoid burglaries?

    Your goal should be to make your home or office impenetrable to intruders. You should invest in access control systems but according to our specialists in Barnes the basis of your security is deadlock installation. Choose the right deadlocks and systems and keep everything locked.

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